Reasons for Choosing a Walk In Clinic

While it’s common for people who are sick or injured to visit their primary care physician or an emergency room, there are numerous benefits of selecting a walk in clinic instead. These practices are popping up everywhere over the past decade, and aren’t expected to decrease in popularity any time soon. If you’re wondering about some reasons to select a walk in clinic, take a look at the following list of advantages.

Extended Hours

A walk in clinic tends to have longer operating hours than those of a physician’s office, although they aren’t as all encompassing as an emergency room. Sometimes, however, all you need is a medical facility that’s open for a few hours longer than you work, or somewhere to take a sick child on the weekend. In these situations, clinics fit the bill perfectly, allowing you to squeeze in a flu shot after work or take your child for stitches on a Sunday morning.

Efficient Acute Care

This type of clinic isn’t the best choice if you have a chronic illness, but for acute issues that need to be handled fast, it’s a great option. The facilities are designed to move patients in and out fast, while helping them with the issues that they’re facing. This makes them an excellent choice for cuts, bumps, bruises, sprains, and general illness. You’ll receive treatment and be back to normal in no time, without an expensive hospital bill. Often urgent care facilities treat a wide list of acute issues for one comprehensive price, and many are able to handle stitches, x-rays, and lab work.


These types of facilities tend to pop up quickly in areas that people frequently visit, such as strip malls and shopping plazas. They aim for centrally located, convenient areas, so that it’s not too far out of your way to visit a doctor when it’s needed. There’s no need to drive for a long distance, sit in the emergency room for several hours, and be discharged with a simple prescription. Instead, you can pop in while you’re out running errands, which makes these practices especially popular.

Lower Costs

Anyone who’s ever visited the emergency room knows that you pay a premium for this type of healthcare. While you may have a relatively low copay for visiting a doctor, if you go the emergency room your coinsurance rises and your bill is often far higher. If you don’t have insurance at all, the situation is even worse. Many urgent cares have a set fee for all of their services, making them a good option even if you don’t have insurance, as you’ll know precisely what you’ll pay and what it covers. There aren’t any surprise bills weeks later.

Many of these clinics can handle the same basic tasks an emergency room can, such as setting broken bones, stitching wounds, and prescribing medication for viruses and bacterial infections. If the situation that you have is beyond what they’re capable of, they can refer you to the nearest hospital for additional assistance, or even arrange an ambulance to transport you. However, if the situation you have is life threatening, it’s best to head directly to the ER.

If you or a family member is experiencing an acute illness or has been injured, visiting an urgent care center may be a great option for you. These convenient locations get you in and treated fast, then back on your way, all for far lower than you’d wind up paying for an emergency hospital visit. Check your local area today to find a clinic near you, so that you’ll have the information when you need it the most.

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